Are you a young professional racked with guilt or anxiety?

Feeling overwhelmed, longing to escape or avoid responsibilities?

Are your personal goals derailed while you help others achieve theirs?

Do you want to change your life for the better, yet aren't sure where to start?

Maybe It’s Time to Reach Out for Help

Life isn’t easy in today’s world, no matter your age, career, or education.

You struggle every day to balance professional, personal, parenting, and social roles. No one sees the tremendous energy that goes into working on having it all like we do. You should be applauded for your efforts, but too often you just feel unseen, unheard, and in need of someone to deeply listen to you for a change.

As psychotherapists, we see the toll the struggles take on your confidence, we hear the stories of dreams unfulfilled, and relationships broken. We share your desire to figure out how to make things better.

Life Can Be More Like a Day at the Beach

Evening and Saturday appointments available.

Insurances accepted: Magellan, Cigna, Blue Shield, Tricare, and Lifesynch/Humana in network and most PPO’s out of network. Cash clients are also accepted and can be charged on a sliding scale if needed.

At Beach Psychotherapy you will find help for these struggles and more:






Marital Disharmony




Relationship Difficulties


Traumatic Incidents


Parent/Child Issues



Whether you want premarital counseling, or need family or individual counseling, we are here to help you through hard times and life transitions, rocky relationships, and the stresses of everyday life.

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We provide affordable counseling that is customized to meet your personal needs. We believe everyone should be able to afford quality counseling and our services with licensed therapist can be charged on a sliding scale if needed.